Frequently Asked Questions

How are dance shoes different from normal shoes?

Dance shoes, have suede soles and they are very light-weight and flexible. The soles on ladies shoes are padded for extra comfort. The suede soles enable you to spin with ease yet provide good contact with the floor to help prevent slipping. The suede material gives that ideal balance between grip and ability to spin, where a hard plastic sole shoe may skid without warning or a rubber sole could stick to the floor during a spin and cause a twist to ankle or knee.

I am a beginner, which shoe would be most suitable?

We advise a practical pair of shoes for lessons. A plain style made in leather or satin. These tend to give most comfort and support and will last the longest. The more glittery styles are best kept for freestyle events and can be matched to your evening outfits. We would usually recommend a heel from the lower end - 1.5, 2 or 2.5 inch. Most ladies find 2.5 the most comfortable height and most of our shoes are made in this height as standard. However, if you are confident and regularly wear high heels every day, the choice is yours.

How should my dance shoes fit?

Dance shoes need to fit snugly so your feet do not move around inside. However, not so snug that they hurt into your feet! Please bear in mind that the shoe may stretch a little with use which is why you should aim for a very snug fit to start with. You may find that some styles suit your foot shape better than others.

If you are happy with the shoes but the straps need more holes then these can be easily added by using a sharp instrument to make a new hole. We can do this for you, but prefer to see you with the shoes on to make the right adjustments. Alternatively you can take the shoes to a shoe repairer who will add these for you. You may also wish to cut the long spare ends of the straps to a shorter length. Allow at least an inch (2.5cm) from the buckle. The end should be sealed with super glue or clear nail varnish to help prevent the stitching from fraying.

What size should I order?

For ladies, order your usual street size.

Men’s dance shoes fit ½ a size small, if you usually where a UK size 10 you should order a size 10½.

Dance sneakers/trainers - order your usual street size. Our suppliers make any adjustment to size requirement due to differences from brand manufacturers. From our experience, many people are not sure what their correct shoe size is. To help us achieve the best fit, please have your feet measured at a high street shoe shop. We can measure your feet for you, but obviously we will need to meet you, as this cannot be done online. If you have narrower or wider feet or are at all unsure please ask for advice.

What shoe size range do you have?

Our range is available from childrens, through adult ladies UK size 1 up to a ladies UK size 9, with half sizes as well. Mens run from UK 6 to 11.5, again with half sizes.

I have wider feet, can you help?

All our shoes are a standard medium width, but some of the styles run a little wider. We also have a style which is width adjustable, so please contact us for advice.

What are the soles made of?

All ballroom/latin style shoes supplied by us have professional suede leather soles.

Sneakers/trainers are generally - polyurethane vinyl

A friend of mine ordered a shoe but I can't find it?

Our web site and catalogues do not show pictures of every colour and heel option for each style. It is possible that the shoe you have seen was a special request. If you can describe the shape of the shoe and tell us the colour and material, we can try to locate it. Styles do get withdrawn occasionally, but please contact us as it may still possible to supply them.

Can I order over the telephone?

Yes of course, however, the best method is by email. This way we can review all orders easily, and we have a written record of what you requested. We do not take payment over the phone as we do not take payments by credit or debit card, so you will have to post out a cheque or pay by cash if collecting in person. Please contact us for any further assistance.

I emailed you but have not received a reply?

We make every effort to reply to emails as quickly as possible, however we do not have staff working every day 9-5, so if it appears that we have forgotten you, please either email us again referring to your previous message or phone us to check the status of your enquiry/order.

When will I receive my order?

Shoes ordered which are available from our stock should be received within 7-10 days

We offer such a large range of styles, with choices of colour and heel heights, there are potentially thousands of possible combinations. It is therefore not practical to keep an example of every shoe in stock. We try to hold the more popular colours and sizes, however, we usually have to order your choice from our supplier who then arranges for your shoe to be manufactured for you. Custom made shoes take between 4 and 8 weeks to manufacture on average.

If you require shoes urgently for an event please contact us and we are always happy to help where we can.

Why do you take a payment before delivering my shoes?

We have on rare occasions had customers order shoes, and then tell us they didn’t really want them, after we have had them manufactured and shipped to us. There is a considerable amount of work involved in processing all our orders, quality checks on arrival, packaging and liasing with the customers to arrange delivery. When a customer lets us down, we have to take a loss on the cost of that shoe unless we can find another customer who wants the same style, size, heel and colour shoe. It has become standard practice for us to take a deposit up front, just to show a commitment to the order. In the event that the sale does not complete, for example, the shoe does not suit the customers’ foot and we simply cannot find a suitable alternative, any deposit can be returned.

*Custom made shoes cannot be cancelled once manufacture has started

What if the shoes don't fit or I don't like them?

If you have ordered shoes online, you have certain consumer rights due to distance selling. If they are not as you hoped, you must let us know in writing, within 7 working days from the date you received them, that you wish to make a return. If the fit is wrong, we can send out a different size, but this may mean having to wait several weeks for manufacture if the alternate size is not in stock. We prefer and always recommend coming to view our range where size and fit can be checked before ordering. Everyone has different shape feet and some styles just don’t work on one person yet is fine on another.

So long as the shoes are returned in an unworn condition a refund can be issued - please see our shipping and returns policy in the Terms and Conditions. To keep the prices of our shoes low we do not offer a free returns service. Please note that custom made shoes are non returnable so for this reason please be sure about the size you order.

I ordered ladies size 5 but you sent me size 7.5?

The shoes are manufactured and marked to their US size. We convert this back to UK sizing and usually change the sticker on the sole. It may be that we have not changed the sticker, in which case you need to take off 2.5 from whatever the size says on the sticker.

I ordered size 10 mens shoe but you have sent size 10.5

The mens shoes come out a little small. This is due to the dimensions the manufacturer works to. We find that everybody needs to go up half a size from their usual high street shoe. We automatically provide this size adjustment, so please quote your usual UK size.

How do the shoes fasten?
Most of our ladies shoes have a quick fasten buckle. To the eye it looks and adjusts like a conventional buckle but instead of having to thread the strap through each time, you just place the strap into the hook where it slides along until the buckle butts against the hook. The buckle can be moved along to whichever hole provides the best fit. Once the buckle is up against the hook it will stay securely in place while dancing due to the tension of your ankle inside. To remove the shoe, simply pull back on the spare end of the strap, sliding the buckle away from the hook and lift the strap up, out of the hook. It seems a little odd at first, but once the buckle is set to your preferred setting, you wont have to fiddle with the buckles to get the correct position each time you put them on.

How long do dance shoes last?

There is no easy answer for this. It can depend on how many hours danced, the floor conditions and your style of dancing, even the weight of the dancer. Frequent dancers, dancing several times a week will often need to replace their shoes within 2-3 months, whereas somebody just dancing a couple of times a month and has several different pairs to match various evening outfits, will find their shoes lasting 2 years or more.

Do not compare dance shoes to your expectation of a regular street shoe. Dance shoes are made of very light materials including glitter fabrics, which are very delicate and easily become scuffed. Dance shoes should only be used on the dance floor. Do not get them wet and avoid wearing them outside, even from the car park to your dance venue.

How should I look after my dance shoes?

Suede soled dance shoes should not be worn outside. Due to the light weight construction and delicate materials used on many of the shoes, it is recommended that they are worn only on the dance floor and their durability should not be compared to a regular street shoe. Avoid getting dance shoes wet.

Keeping your dance shoes clean –
When not in use, keep your dance shoes in the drawstring bag provided. This will protect shoes from collecting dust and scuffing while stored or carried to dance events.

Matt leather shoes can be treated with conventional shoe polishes and creams and buffed with a soft cloth.

To clean patent shoes use a spray cleaner designed for patent materials.

Suede uppers can be gently brushed with a soft wire brush to remove any dust or lint which may have settled on the surface and be treated with a suede shoe cleaning spray.

Satin fabric can be protected with a proofing spray such as Scotch or equivalent brand. We advise against trying to clean satin or glitter materials as this may stain or damage the material.

Due to the nature of glitter materials, it is possible for flakes to wear away on the edges of the shoe structure and around straps, exposing the light coloured backing. These patches can be coloured in using a permanent marking pen of similar colour to the glitter. This can disguise the wear marks and keep the shoe looking smart for longer. Ensure that only permanent ‘non running’ ink is used as colour may transfer to skin or clothing.

The suede soles, can over a period of time, collect dirt from dance floor surfaces and develop a smooth or sticky layer. Any build up on the sole can be removed by careful scrubbing with a stiff wire brush. We stock purpose made suede sole brushes.

Do not attempt to dry clean any dance shoes as the chemicals used in the cleaning process may soften the glue used in manufacture, causing the shoes to weaken or even fall apart.